Vein Quickscreen versus Vein Consultation

The Vein Clinic of Texas complimentary “Vein Quickscreen” is offered as a way for patients to determine if their veins require medical treatment or if their vein treatments would be considered cosmetic. Patients also receive basic vein care information at the quickscreens.

A vein “Consultation” is necessary before planning any medically necessary treatments. The vein consultation will be billed to your insurance and you will be responsible for your copay.This visit will include a visual examination of your legs and veins by one of our vein specialists, assessment of your symptoms, a review of your medical history, along with analysis and discussion of your diagnostic testing results when applicable. The pathophysiology of the leg venous system will also be explained.

Management of your symptoms and your physician’s treatment recommendations and their potential risks & benefits will be discussed as well. Consultative documentation of the findings and plan will be completed in your medical record and is necessary for insurance pre-authorizations. You will also have the opportunity to speak with our insurance and billing specialist regarding recommended treatments and your individual insurance benefits.

Schedule a Vein Quickscreen or Request a Vein Consultation.