Student Internship Programs

Cardiac Center of Texas offer students observership opportunities during the completion of their studies related to healthcare. We host students from trade schools and medical colleges, both local and abroad to learn from Dr. Khan and our staff  in out patient office setting. Students come from all paths of learning include medical students, PA students, medical assistants, echo/vascular technologists, research assistants and front desk volunteers.

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Recently we hosted Ajay Moganti, a medical student from abroad. This is how he summarized his time here:

Experience at Cardiac Center of Texas

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  • When I boarded my flight to Dallas, I was scared not knowing what to expect. My goals for the rotation were to observe clinical practice in US setting in order to acculturate myself in American medical practices and prepare for residency, learn about the common cases in cardiology in detail, get to know the investigational and management protocols, and watch how common investigations are done so that I could better interpret the results and understand the source of error. I wanted to meet new people and improve on my communication skills. I quickly learned that this was an extremely well-equipped setting and had a lot to offer to a learning mind.
  • I have seen the evaluation of Angina using Coronary Calcium Scan, Exercise Stress Test, and Cardiac Echocardiography. The use of variants of stress test like Regadenoson Stress Test and Technetium-99 Nuclear Stress Test used in specific indications was noted. Coronary CT Angiography was used in equivocal cases and I learned to clinically apply their results. The Metabolic Stress Test used to diagnose cardiac disorders in conjuction with respiratory disorders was unheard of to me. I have seen Cardiac Doppler Echocardiography used in the evaluation of Valvular and wall motion abnormalities.
  • The process of using catheters for minimally invasive treatment was something I have read a lot about but I have never had the opportunity to watch. I was overwhelmed to observe Cardiac Angioplasty with ballooning and stent placement to treat Angina and Restenosis during my visit to the Medical Center of Plano. In my visit to the Medical Center of Mckinney, I saw the implantation of Biventricular Pacemaker implantation for irregular heart rhythms and CHF with low ejection fraction.
  • I had the opportunity to refine my skill in the examination of cardiovascular system, interpretation of various investigations including ECG, Holter recordings, and management of conditions like Angina, Hypertension, Arrhythmias and Congestive Cardiac Failure. While I always considered research to be very important, I never had a chance to participate in it. I have spent considerable time in the research department and have acquainted myself with the workings of research. I am sure that I will definitely use what I have learned in future for clinical research.
  • The usage of Segmental Pressures and Peripheral CT Angiogram to diagnose Peripheral Vascular Disease and their treatment with Peripheral Angioplasty with Laser and Rotational Atherectomy and stent placement is routinely done. I had the opportunity to examine several cases of Varicose Veins, watch their Doppler Echographies and finally their treatment using Radiofrequency Ablation and Stab Phlebectomy.
  • I have seen the diagnosis of Carotid Disease using Carotid Doppler Echocardiography. Moreover, the use of Transcranial Doppler to assess the cerebral circulation and the parallel use of bubble study for diagnosis of PFO is novel. The closure of ASD for previous history of stroke is obvious, but interestingly I have seen patients suffering from chronic symptoms of headache, showing improvement after correction of mild ASD that is otherwise insignificant.
  • The use of QSART (Quantitative Sudomotor Axon Reflex Test) to check the integrity of Autonomic Nervous System and thereby predict the future risk of Cardiac and Metabolic diseases was new to me.
  • My experience in the Cardiac Center of Texas was far beyond my initial expectations. The satisfaction of facts being put in to practice is awe-inspiring. The small setting enabled me to integrate myself into the system much faster and learn in a streamlined manner. The entire staff was easy to get along with and were very quick to accept me. They were very eager to help and teach. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Khan and his staff for accepting me and giving me a chance to rotate with them.”