Interested in Our Free Varicose Vein Screening? Learn more…

The “Vein Quickscreen” is a visual assessment of your legs and veins to determine if vein treatment for you would be considered cosmetic in nature or if there is a need for further medical intervention and clinical treatment. If treatment of your veins is deemed medically necessary, then we will schedule diagnostic testing (ultrasound) and a more in-depth medical consultation in order to adequately assess, discuss, and plan the best care for your legs.

We offer the complimentary Vein Quickscreens as a convenience to help you gain basic vein information and receive recommendations for management of your veins.
If you would like to go straight to a medical consultation appointment, you will be responsible for a regular co-pay. For more information about our free vein screening versus a medical consultation appointment, click here.

To schedule your free varicose vein screening or medical consultation, call us at 972-529-6939 or fill out the form below and we will call you to schedule.

Please let the receptionist know if you are scheduling a free varicose vein screening or if you would like to make a medical consultation appointment.