What is Compression Therapy?

Compression Therapy is a treatment that helps the legs and veins by providing external force that helps keep the blood moving upward, effectively preventing it to pool in the veins of the leg.

The idea of compression remedy is based on a simple and powerful technical idea : it involves implementing a flexible clothing around the leg.

By modifying the pressure around the arm or leg with compression – powerful near the foot and reducing going up the leg, the compression helps the venous come back, reduces venous stress, stops venous stasis and the destruction of venous surfaces, and properly eliminates painful and hefty feet.

When Is Compression Therapy an Option

This procedure is recommended by a medical doctor to cure phlebitis, thrombosis, problematic vein medical procedures aftercare, and to reduce all symptoms of serious venous illness (heavy feet, spider blood vessels, oedemas, leg sores..). It can also be recommended to avoid venous problems during pregnancy and extended travel.

Compression therapy can often provide relief of swelling and pain while encouraging more efficient blood flow. When used in combination with physician prescribed treatments compression therapy may increase the effectiveness of those treatments.

There are no side effects with compression therapy when closely following physician’s orders.

Treatment Dispensation

Depending on the pathology, medical compression remedy can be utilized in different types : footwear, hose, tights or bandages.