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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

What is an RMR?

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test measures your body’s metabolism, which is the amount of calories your body uses at rest.  People who may benefit from this test include, but are not limited to, those with diabetes, unexplained weight gain/loss, or metabolic abnormalities.

The RMR can assist your physician in determining the root of your symptoms, as well as take the necessary steps in treatment.  The outcome of the test may result in the necessity of prescription medications, dietary counseling or referral to an exercise program.

What is involved in an RMR?

This test requires the patient to remain in a comfortable relaxed state for a period of 20 minutes.  The patient will be resting in a comfortable position with the lights off for the duration of the test.

In an effort to collect the necessary data, the following equipment is used throughout the test:

  • a silicon mask to monitor your breathing (please let the technician know if you are claustrophobic)
  • 10 electrodes will be placed on your chest to analyze the rhythm of your heart (EKG).

On The Day Of The RMR…

In order to achieve the most accurate results, the RMR requires the patient to:

  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least 5 hours prior to testing.  You may drink water as needed.
  • Refrain from exercise for at least 5 hours prior to testing.
  • Take medication as directed.

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