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Davy Jones Dies of Heart Attack. Could He Have Survived?

Davy Jones of The Monkees Dies of Heart AttackNews reports are stating that the former Monkees’ star Davy Jones complained of chest pains the night before and was not admitted to the hospital until the morning. Had Jones gotten to a hospital immediately upon having chest pain, he might have saved his own life.

Heart Attack Statistics

According to the American Heart Association, about 1.2 million Americans will suffer a heart attack each year in the United States, including an estimated 700,000 who will have a first heart attack and 500,000 who will have a recurring heart attack.

Almost half of the people who have a heart attack will die from it. In addition, according to CDC reports, nearly half of the cardiac deaths occurred before emergency services and hospital treatment could be administered.


For Heart Attack Patients, Timing is Critical…

Many of the people who die from heart attacks might have been saved if they had recognized the symptoms of a heart attack and gotten to a hospital quickly to receive treatment. Heart attack patients are given treatments ranging from clot-busting drugs to stent surgery. The key is getting the necessary treatment within an hour or two or the treatments don’t work.

Some studies have shown that the average time from the onset of heart attack symptoms to getting treatment in a hospital is between three and six hours – too late for the life-saving treatments.


Why do Heart Attack Patients Delay?

Often patients don’t know they’re having a heart attack. In approximately one third of cases, patient’s experience no pain at all. Others, like Davey Jones, delay seeking treatment until it is ultimately too late.


Click here for information from the CDC - CDC Heart Attack Signs and Symptoms.